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Women of Destiny

This is a company of great and beautiful daughters of Zion that are sold out to Christ in all ramifications of life and who are living a life of purpose according to the will of the father; ever ready to take the gospel of the lord to any level as long as they live.


We are a group of married and marriageable singles willing to go the extra mile at any time in the name of our lord Jesus Christ, a praying people, giving a helping hand to our spouses on all sides. We nurture the children god has given us by teaching them the word of god, gradually and prayerfully showing them the way of the lord.

We are a loving and caring people that look into the needs of our fellow brethren and try our very best to meet those needs.

We are a people that fulfill god’s given purpose through the teaching and application of the word of god in total obedience. (Eph.5:22).

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